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The items which I propose you for sale are all appraised by me. I guaranteed you at 100% the reliability of my expert's reports described on the web site.

All the items proposed in my collection are completely original's one and I warn you any old or contemporary restorations. The restorations are made by conscientious craftsmen which I know personally. I commit to the fact that there are not any pewter welds nor any brazing (welds easier to realize but very prejudicial), or any silver replating to mask a restoration. My pieces do not undergo polishing not to affect chasings, but if need be a burnishing to give back to them some brightness (the burnishing does not remove micro-scratches and is not an aggressive act.).

All the items so presented are in perfect condition for the exercise of the worship.

Parcels are also realized by myself. They benefit of an ad valorem insurance. Your satisfaction is my priority, and it since 1999.

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